Wednesday 28 March 2018

New Music: Grace Savage - My Favourite Game

One of my favourite bands of the 90’s and early 00’s was undoubtedly The Cardigans. I fell in love with their first two albums Ennerdale and Life as they spun the saddest of songs into sunshine through the wheels of the sweetest of sixties sounding indie. 

However, it was their lack of fear in developing and changing their sound, whilst maintaining their ability to pen a tune and then some, that endeared me to them in the longer term. From their disco chart breaker Lovefool through to their much underated emo-pop classic Long Gone Before Daylight from 2003, The Cardigans took me deeper. If you’ve never heard songs like the hushed 03.45 No Sleep with its line “And if I had one wish fulfilled tonight, I’d ask for the sun to never rise,” then my ask of you today is that when you have a quiet moment, find a space, put on some headphones, shut your eyes and absorb that song.

Despite their brilliantly accessible and absorbing writing it’s rare to see The Cardigans tracks being covered, so my heart fluttered with a mix of joy and nervousness when I saw that four times UK Beatboxing champion Grace Savage had covered the band’s worldwide hit My Favourite Game. Thankfully the results are very good. Giving the song a modern dark electronic twist Grace sounds suitably introspective and downcast as she sings over a foreboding modern electronic backing that brings a new potency to the lyrics. 

Grace plays live at Reading’s Are You Listening Festival on April 28th, London’s Sebright Arms on the 27th May and releases a new EP Control Freak on the 23rd May.

Grace Savage - My Favourite Game

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