Thursday 29 March 2018

New Music: Introducing - Lxandra

Sometimes potential pop stars skirt around the edges for a while before they go for the bullseye. Yet it seems that Finnish born and Berlin based artist Lxandra got bored of doing that pretty quickly. She just hovered around the outskirts momentarily with self-released debut single Flicker, before immediately aiming for the centre target. 

Her second single Hush Hush Baby, a piano ballad that she described as a love song from a daughter to a mother, might have had a hint of the Adeles about it, but Lxandra’s vocals took it into more peculiar territories, albeit ones that hit the spot.

Now she’s at it again. This time with Dig Deep, a big dramatic Sia meets Lana type pop tune that comes accompanied by a video with a big hat and Lxandra polishing off a cake in some style. If she attacks all of her music like she attacks the cake we could be in for some treats in the future. 

Lxandra - Dig Deep (Video)

Lxandra - Hush Hush Baby

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