Sunday 1 April 2018

Announcement: The Best Of Breaking More Waves + Live Tour

Having watched the evolution of blogging over the last few years it has become clear to me that the future doesn’t belong to words, but to images and sounds. The rise of vloggers and podcasts and the slow death of traditional music blogs has made me reconsider the way Breaking More Waves is presented.

So, today I can reveal that Breaking More Waves is moving into some new territories that involve sounds and performance.

Over the last six months, in my spare time, I have been carefully curating, editing and recording all of the best posts on Breaking More Waves over the last 10 years into a series of compilations for you to listen to. Yes! Now you can listen to ‘The Best of Breaking More Waves’ via a limited-edition cassette series. 

Why cassette? Because as a true struggling indie / DIY blogger I want to ensure that I release them on a format that hardly anybody can actually play anymore and therefore reduce my sales so that I can then complain about how hard it is to be a struggling indie blogger. Now you can experience the joy of listening to me having had a couple of glasses of red wine reading some of my ‘classic’ blog posts as I intended them to be. Gasp at the deep intellectualism of the classic ‘Pop Stars In The Bath’ series. Be amazed at the number of times I’ve used the word A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. when writing. Revisit some of my classic discussion posts and reviews and enjoy some of the comments people left, such as my favourite, when someone told me to go and wank myself off with a bar of soap.

All of this and more can be yours for just £5 per cassette (plus p&p). Or if you buy the whole series of 10 you get a 20% discount and get them for just £40.

Full details of the cassettes can be found on the new Breaking More Waves Bandcamp page. Get in quick for the ultimate blogger in your ears experience. Buy them now by clicking here.

In addition to the cassettes, I’m also pleased to reveal that this summer I’ll be taking the blog on the road for a short UK tour. Yes, you can now come and see me reading my blog posts from my laptop complete with a smoke machine and a strobe light for dramatic effect. I’ll even be doing requests - so look up your favourite Breaking More Waves post now.

Full details of the tour and supporting acts will be available soon. If you write a blog (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a music one) and want to read from your own blog as part of the tour, please feel free to get in contact.

Early bird tickets are now available from the venues direct and more will be released soon via the usual ticket agents.

Breaking More Waves Live

Jun 15th The Dog & Duck, Boggy Bottom , Hertfordshire

Jun 17th The Fawcett Inn, Craggy End, Cornwall

Jun 18th Pisstake Festival, Glasgow Green

Jun 21st The Mince Pie, Lapland (Only non UK show)

Jun 23rd Special Secret Breaking More Waves 10th Birthday Extravaganza at a secret location on the south coast of the UK with DJs, bands, exotic dancers and me reading some exclusive unheard blog posts.

Jul 1st The Vegan Coffee Store, Meatborough

Jul 3rd Bloggers Delight Festival, London

Jul 4th The Seaman And Hole Inn, Cardiff

Jul 6th The Fool, April Square, Portsmouth


Unknown said...

LOL Happy Easter Robin, See you at Great Escape

Anonymous said...

My favourite April Fool so far of yours. You almost had me on this ha ha