Monday, 26 March 2018

New Music: Lily Moore - 17 (Video)

Last month I introduced Lily Moore on Breaking More Waves with 5 essential things that you need to know about her alongside her debut single official Not That Special. (Click here for the full low down).

Last Friday Lily released a second song called 17. There’s essentially only 1 fact you need to know about it and that is that it’s f*cking marvellous and that Lily is clearly a big talent. (OK that's actually 2 beliefs rather than 1 fact, but let's not get too precious about these things, we're all here for the love of music, right?)

“I give her 5 months and she will be all over the radio” says one comment on You Tube. That would be good wouldn’t it? Can the gods of radio let this happen please?

Filmed at the Marwood Café in Brighton, Lily’s home town, the video for 17 needs no special effects, no clever storyline and no high budget. Lily’s delivery is enough on its own.    

Lily’s debut EP is released April 25th.

Lily Moore - 17 (Video)

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