Wednesday 28 February 2018

New Music: Chvrches - My Enemy

At the end of every month (e.g. today) I update my Spotify Breaking More Waves playlist, deleting all the tracks I wrote about on the blog in the previous month and adding all the songs I’ve written about this month. So now you don’t even have to bother reading the blog – you can just follow the playlist and once a month take a dive into everything I’ve covered. Simple.

You can find the Breaking More Waves monthly playlist by clicking on this link here.

February started with the brand new and rather excellent Chvrches single Get Out and it ends in a similar way, with another new song called My Enemy, which means I can conveniently bookend the playlist with Chvrches songs. And let’s face it if you are going to have two songs by one artist on any new music playlist, it might as well be by Chvrches.

So, what do you all need to know about My Enemy? Just these 5 simple things:

1. On first listen I thought it was a 7/10 song. After another six or seven plays I’ve revised my opinion to an 8 or 8.5. It might even become a 9. If you listen just once and think it’s a 9, we’ve both gone on the same journey. It’s just yours was via the equivalent of a high speed jet plane and mine was via a slow cycle in the country. Different journeys, same result, and when the result is a good one that’s all that matters.

2. It features Matt Berninger of The National. Some hardcore pop fans might possibly be saying ‘who?’ but then I’ve never particularly thought of Chvrches as a hardcore pop fans band – they’re more of a pop band for people that don’t normally like pop music, if that makes any sense? And the sort of person that likes pop music for people who don’t normally like pop music will undoubtedly know who Matt Berninger is. 

3. Despite that bloke from The National being involved, Lauren from Chvrches sings the best bits (the hook). But then it’s her band so why shouldn’t she? Otherwise he'll just get all the credit and he has his own bloody band to do that with.

4. It’s a ballad of sorts. But don’t worry. It’s not cheesy.

5. Any pop ballad that has words like so cold, so callous, so vile, so vicious and the emptiness will go on and on probably isn’t going to be a total barrel of laughs. But then the new Chvrches album is called Love Is Dead, so it’s to be expected really.

Chvrches - My Enemy

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