Monday 8 June 2015

Starling - New Waves

In the UK Starlings look black at a distance but when examined closer their feathers are a sheen of purples and greens. There’s a similarity with this new artist who goes by the same name. 

At first Starling’s debut song Take It Down might seem like just another straightforward piano ballad, but on closer examination there’s much more to it. The lyrics intrigue and perplex with lines such as ‘I’m no prisoner, I plead guilty.’ It makes some sense then that her Soundcloud biography states that depression, solitude and a cathartic approach to writing form the lyrical basis to her work. It’s clear that we’re not dealing with someone who is just going to blast out a simple love song or a five minute pop thrill about dancing in ‘da club’. Take It Down sounds confusingly sad, but also effortlessly beautiful. A fine start from this new musician.

Starling - Take It Down

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