Wednesday 10 June 2015

Lucy Rose - Like An Arrow (Video)

Yesterday we posted on how to make a cool video with a lesson from indie dream pop band Wyldest. Basically it involves walking around in the countryside not doing very much (the addition of some lights and fireworks also help). Lucy Rose may not have the lights and fireworks for her latest, but she does the walking around the countryside bit rather well – in fact she does it in that classic single sequence style, probably most famously used by Massive Attack for their Unfinished Sympathy visuals and Alexander Sokurov in his 96 minute master piece Russian Ark.

At first the video looks pretty boring, but you’ll notice that Lucy has a cheeky smile on her face, so you know that something is going to happen. As Lucy says: “This is the first video I’ve ever needed training for….I’ve wanted to make this video for so so long, film it in one take and challenge myself mentally and physically like never before. It expresses freedom, escapism and doing something that really makes you feel something.” As you’ll discover at the end, although you only see one take, there were obviously a number of takes before the finished version!

Lucy plays Bushstock festival this weekend (we previewed that here). Like An Arrow is taken from her forthcoming LP Work It Out.

Lucy Rose - Like An Arrow (Video)

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