Wednesday 17 June 2015

Cloves - New Waves

Yesterday there was a flurry of activity on the blogs around a new recording artist who originally hails from Australia that goes under the name Cloves. Whenever this happens it’s very rarely that those bloggers have all simultaneously discovered the artist out of the blue and have magically posted on the same day, but more to do with good PR by those representing the artist. However, irrespective of where the song comes from and the machine (or lack of it) driving behind, the very simple question we always ask ourselves at Breaking More Waves is this: ‘Is it good?’ Or rather, we ask if we like it or not, because good is highly subjective. Musical beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

With Cloves, the answer to the question is simple. We like this new kid on the block a lot. An awful lot. Frail Love, her debut tune is a lighter (or phone lights) in the air piano ballad of some beauty, ready to make you feel a bit fragile and emotional. “I give you all I have to give my love,” Cloves sings in a moment that sounds like it would absolutely slay on the X-Factor or The Voice, which is ironic considering that that is where Cloves first came to some people’s attention. Yes Cloves (real name Kaity Dunstan) participated in the 2013 edition of The Voice in Australia where she was knocked out in the battle rounds after singing on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

It seems that Ms Dunstan is going to have the last laugh though, because Frail Love is way better than probably anything The Voice or other TV talent shows has ever mustered (Girls Aloud excepted). 

Frail Love is a limited download for a period of time and will also be a part of a three song EP titled XIII out on Duly Noted Records as a 10” vinyl only which you can order here (limited at 300 copies.) According to the world wide web, those who have worked on the EP are ex-footballer turned songwriter Justin Parker (probably most famous for Lana Del Rey’s Video Games) and producer / mixer / drummer Rich Cooper (Tom Odell, Lucy Rose). Cloves plays in London tonight at The Lucky Pig and it’s free entry.

Cloves - Frail Love


Scryst said...

Good detective work Mr S.

As usual Breaking More Waves doing the research before posting.

Not a bad song at all - but a bit too LDR for me.

Stu Basham said...

Cool song. Interested to see what's next for her. Great work by her PR team for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was adele for a large part of the song, then I clicked on what I was listening to...