Thursday 18 June 2015

Kiiara - New Waves

It seems that newcomer Kiiara isn’t really a people person: “I forgot how exhausting it is to be around people. I don't like it. Nope. I like being alone,” she tweeted as one of her first ever tweets. Maybe she’s better just sitting at home and making music? Certainly on the evidence of her debut track that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. For Gold, with its glitchy vocal and spacey but bouncy electronics squirms and wriggles in a way that's full of sparkle appeal. Mind you, as much as glitchy production is a lot of fun it’s bloody difficult to sing along with. Try singing this one yourself. Impossible isn’t it? 

What do we know about Kiiarra? Just a little. According to The Fader, who premiered this track, she’s 20, from Illinois and by day works in a hardware store. OK, it’s not much of an exciting pop star backstory but we reckon this is better than being one of those ‘shrouded in mystery’ artists that is only shrouded in mystery because they have nothing interesting at all to tell us. 

It's also nice to see someone being open about the fact that like the vast majority of artists making music that they want to make, unless they're either a rich kid bankrolled by the bank of mum and dad or supported by a major label or sponsor, they're going to have to do a day job. The concept that all musicians (and in fact artists in general) can earn a wage for their art on a non-commissioned basis is a ridiculously selfish and unrealistic one. We wrote more about this and why musicians can't expect to earn money from music automatically in 2014 - click here to read the post.

But back to Kiiara. Even if she did have some exotic story to tell us, perhaps about how she was raised in a commune of free loving French hippies in a jungle and at the age of just 7 she'd already written a 150,000 word historical novel, she probably wouldn't, because judging by that tweet she's just not that sort of social type.

Gold is taken from Kiarra’s debut EP Meet Me In The Cornfield, which comes out soon.

Kiarra - Gold

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