Friday 5 June 2015

Little Boots - Better In The Morning (Video)

Here at Breaking More Waves we will always argue long and hard that pop music is never just about the music. Visual imagery is as vital to the art of pop as the song itself. Of course, the song has to be great, but it’s even better if it’s wrapped up in a bigger package that provides greater context. It’s a discussion we’ve had with many writers, bloggers and music fans over the years and it usually ends up (with writers) going something like this.

Them: “No we don’t care what an artist looks like or how they present themselves, we just write about good music.”

Us:  “So why do you put pictures of the artist on your blog when you write about them if what they look like isn’t important?”

Them: “Um……”

This is why we’re so enthused about Little Boots third album. Sure the songs are sounding great, but the whole visual concept is brilliant, linking the context of the lyrics to very stylish and distinct imagery that also relates to Victoria Hesketh’s own position of having to work hard to survive as being an independent musician. There’s GIF styling, shades of pastel and beige and proper high class Yuppie chic as Little Boots becomes the working girl who probably woke up on someone else’s sofa (or in a strangers bed) and is now hitting the office hiding the hangover. 

The next Little Boots album, Working Girl, will be released on the 10th July.

Little Boots - Better In The Morning (Video)

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