Thursday 18 June 2015

Foals - What Went Down (Video)

A short note to record labels.

Dear Record Labels,

Remember once upon a time you’d sign a band and they’d put out their first album and it wasn’t particularly great, but you didn't overspend in its making or marketing and didn't drop them? A few people liked it and the band played some shows off the back of it and started to build a loyal fanbase, because the people who came to see them saw the same things that you saw in them when you signed them? Then the band got even better at writing songs and you’d let them release more records, because even though they weren’t making any big money for you yet YOU HAD FAITH.

Then as time went on the band got even better, more people invested in their music (including some of the older music) and shows, and you made a stack load of cash? Because YOU HAD FAITH.

It can still happen. Sign fewer acts, don't spend as much, but have faith in the ones that you do sign and if you’re good at your jobs, you’ll reap the rewards.

Here’s the new song from Foals. It’s a noisy pummelling powerhouse of a song, built off the band’s confidence found at their incendiary live shows. It’s taken from their forthcoming fourth album, each of the three previous having found a greater worldwide audience, because people representing Foals HAD THE FAITH. Not every artist can be an Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith, but that old cliché about growing big oak trees from acorns holds true. It just takes time.

Love Breaking More Waves

Foals - What Went Down (Video)

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