Sunday 17 May 2015

Toyboy & Robin - Like A Shadow (featuring Robyn Sherwell)

We’ve always thought that Robin is a rather brilliant name even if its spelling is Robyn, although the defining version is the one with the i in it of course. This has nothing to do with the name of the author of Breaking More Waves, after all that would be horrendously egotistical. But then let’s face it, music blogging is hugely egotistical, because at its base is an assumption by the writer that his or her musical tastes are good enough that the rest of the world would want to read and hear about them.

So here's some of that great taste, from Toyboy & Robin (Toyin Mustapha & Rob Drake) featuring Breaking More Waves blog favourite Robyn Sherwell on vocals. Like A Shadow very much has an emphasis on the groove, which is occasionally punctuated with some brassy sounding stabs, a gentle piano breakdown and of course Robyn’s warming vocal delivery which ensures the track crosses over neatly into song based territory rather than just being a generic house tune. It's perfect for blasting out at a cocktail terrace on some Balaeric Island this summer, but even if you're just streaming it off your tiny laptop speakers, that's OK.

Like A Shadow is on Toyboy & Robin’s Studio 7 EP, released on May 24th. The EP also features Save Me Now featuring Sam Wills.

Toyboy & Robin - Like A Shadow (featuring Robyn Sherwell)

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