Tuesday 19 May 2015

Aurora - Nature Boy (Live Session Video)

By now, if you've viewed any UK based music websites /  Twitter feeds over the last couple of days, you’re probably getting pretty bored by all the ’10 Best New Acts We Saw At Great Escape’ features.

However, if you are looking at these we’d also ask you to question how many acts did the author actually see whilst they were there (and how many of them played that publications own stage?). If they only managed 20 then giving you the Top 10 doesn’t really say that much about the acts at positions 9 and 10 really does it? 

If by any chance you have read any of our coverage (lots of tweets and some blog posts whilst we were still at the event) you may have picked up that of the 39 performances we saw, 1 artist stood out above all others. That artist was Norway’s Aurora, who managed to absorb us completely with two utterly unique performances (one acoustic one with a full band), both of which brought a tear to our eye and left us with a combination of goosebumps and the biggest smile across the face that is possible. It wasn't just us though, Leigh from Just Music I Like thought the same (here) and judging by the reaction from both audiences, it wasn't just a bunch of nerdy music bloggers who fell under Aurora's spell.

Today, there's more shivers as Aurora releases a new video of a cover version of the Nat King Cole classic Nature Boy. Cello, guitar and Aurora’s devine voice combine to create something born out of subtlety that creates something show stopping. It's stuff like this that makes being a music fan worth so much.

Next big thing is a very dangerous tag to apply to an artist in so many ways, raising expectations that can probably never be achieved, but Aurora is undoubtedly the best new artist we have come across in the last year. If you get the chance, make sure you see her live.

Aurora - Nature Boy

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