Tuesday 12 May 2015

Billie Marten - Heavy Weather (Video)

Here at Breaking More Waves we’ve written quite extensively about the visual concept of pop stars (or potential pop stars) having a bath as a promotional tool. Some do it naked, some do it fully clothed, some do it with their dogs, but it seems that if you’re a certain sort of musical beacon, you need at some point in your career to get lathered up and show the world. (More on this link here - one of the more popular posts on this blog).

Now of course Billie Marten isn’t really a pop star, her music has more folky and acoustic leanings, so it’s probably not appropriate for her to get among some suds in the tub just to sell some records. So for her Heavy Weather video (the song of which we streamed some time ago and wrote about the music) she gets someone else to take a shower. Fully clothed. We can only but assume that this is him attempting to recreate a deluge of rain to fit with the tone of some ‘Heavy Weather’. Billie also gets extra marks in this video for featuring some breaking waves, which always appeals to a blog of this name. The beautiful music helps too, of course. So there you have it, if you're an artist that wants to be featured on Breaking More Waves, some sea references, some bathing or showering and a good tune combined and you're in.

The video for Heavy Weather was shot by Daniel Broadley in Dungeness last month.

Billie Marten - Heavy Weather (Video)

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