Friday, 8 May 2015

Nao - Apple Cherry

Today Hype Machine published 10 UK music blogger’s tips for next week’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton, including those of Breaking More Waves. You can see and hear them using this link here. One name that didn’t make it onto that tip list that quite easily could have done was Nao. Why not? Because of utterly selfish reasons. We’re sorry / not sorry.

Let us explain: Nao is playing Brighton’s Komedia Studio venue at Great Escape. It’s a relatively small space. So we want to give ourselves the best chance of rocking up just before she goes on stage after catching other acts elsewhere and being able to get in. So we were trying to keep her a bit secret. 

Then we realised how utterly ridiculous this was. Of our relatively small readership, only a handful of you will be at Great Escape anyway, and of that small group, they’re in all likelihood perfectly capable of making their own decisions about who to see without our interference. But just in case you’re at a loss and are still pondering who to see…shh….. don’t tell too many people about her yet, if you want to get in.

So here’s Apple Cherry by Nao, her latest track from the February 15 EP, uploaded to Soundcloud today. There’s a definite FKA Twigs influence here, although Nao’s sound is somewhat more easy to access on first listen than perhaps Tahliah Barnett’s is. Maybe see one or two of you in Brighton for this? Save Breaking More Waves a space if you get there early.

Nao - Apple Cherry

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