Thursday 7 May 2015

Pleasure Beach - New Waves

Here’s a song / new band that’s been slowly working its way round many of the blogs over the last week or two. Now finally it’s our turn. (Yes, don't you know – music bloggers all have to stand in a virtual queue and wait for their turn to jump on the bandwagon, although sometimes the queue gets a bit impatient, all hell breaks out and there’s a massive scrum to see who can get some words out first.)

Pleasure Beach (the band) has nothing to do with Blackpool’s famous thrill seeking amusement park on the North-West coast of England. Instead they have a lot to do with Northern Irish bands Yes Cadets and In An Instant, various members of which form this new group. Their debut song Go has a propulsive and hypnotic weight to it, like a classic Arcade Fire song fuelled by wonky but brilliant electronics. It’s a tune that the word whoosh was invented for. It sweeps you off your feet. It sounds sunny and intense at the same time, and it’s actually a break up song. But if you’ve ever read and learned the rules of pop (available from all good high street vendors) you’ll know that nearly all of the best songs about splitting up and broken hearts often hide the sadness with a joyful beat and a high spirited tune.

A really great start for this new project. Pleasure Beach are Lisa, Kat, Alan, Richard and Rachel. Enjoy.

Pleasure Beach - Go

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