Monday 11 May 2015

Lisa Mitchell - Wah Ha (Video)

This is Lisa Mitchell’s ‘new’ single Wah Ha. If you take a look at the statistics for the video you’ll see that it has already picked up 48,000 odd views; impressive work for a song that dropped into our inbox today. The point is that this film was actually released to the world wide web in November 2014, but as Lisa is now on her way to the UK again for some gigs (including Bushstock festival), it has been packaged up and re-promoted as if it has just been released, just in case you missed it first time round. 

If you did miss it, it really is worth a listen. For Wah Ha is an appealingly pretty tune. It has the lightest of touches, a bossa nova rhythm giving the song the sense of spring turning into the summer. It will make you want to tiptoe down to the beach, and grab some headphones as you dip your feet in the sea, maybe listening to Astrid Gilberto’s The Girl From Ipanema and Belle And Sebastian’s Judy And The Dream Of Horses all day long. 

Having fully thrown off the ‘6th on Australian Idol’ tag Lisa Mitchell has once again shown that she has a real knack of writing infectiously good acoustic based pop tunes. Wah Ha joins a growing back catalogue of golden wonders that includes Neopolitan Dreams, Spiritus and Bless This Mess.

Lisa Mitchell - Wah Ha (Video)

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