Saturday 2 May 2015

Curxes - What You Want

Here’s a big alt-pop banger. Not a banger in the sense of something like Calvin Harris or David Guetta of course, although wouldn’t it be fun to slip this one onto Mr Guetta’s USB stick / laptop or whatever it is he uses to DJ and see what happens? No, this tune, What You Want, from Breaking More Waves long term favourites Curxes, is a darker, more tense, more muscular piece of clanking electronic music. It even has the closest thing these robo-popsters will ever get to a dance floor build. Add to that an ear-pummelling chorus that kicks the word subtle out of touch and you’ll probably find Calvin and David cowering under a table together somewhere asking for their mummies.

Having now morphed into a three piece with a new member Camille, who we understand hits things very hard, Curxes will be bringing the noise at a variety of shows in the next few months, including a couple of gigs at the Alt.Escape (the sister of the Great Escape festival) in Brighton, plus Blissfields Festival and Victorious Festival this summer.

What You Want is taken from Curxes debut album Verxes, which you can order by clicking here.

What You Want - Curxes

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