Sunday 8 February 2015

Puma Rosa - New Waves

Having looked at Puma Rosa’s past history it was inevitable that at some point their musical path was going to cross with that of Breaking More Waves. After all this is a band that in a previous guise (Ada) supported the likes of The Night VI and Alessi’s Ark (both acts we’ve blogged furiously and passionately about) and then under their new name recently played a show in London supporting another of our favourites – La Roux.

So now that we’ve found each other, let us introduce you to the band and their music. Puma Rosa is Isabel Munoz Newsome, Henry Brown, Tomoya Suzuki, Jamie Neville and Nicholas Owen and they have two demos on their Soundcloud that show some promise. First there’s Red, which we’re streaming below. It finds Isabel’s vocals sweeping sky high over tightly coiled mid-tempo rhythms before the whole song springs forward urgently to catch up with her voice at a clattering pace. It sounds like a set closer. Then there’s Dragonfly, a tune that wades in atmospherics, slowly drip feeding its meticulous indie sound in a way that suggests that Puma Rosa have been doing this for some time; which of course they have.

But this is a fresh start and it’s a good one. Let’s keep our eyes and ears out for them and see what happens next.

Puma Rosa - Red

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