Saturday 7 February 2015

Oh Wonder - Lose It

A week in new music blogging seems like an eternity. Such is the pace that songs are uploaded, disseminated and analysed. So having taken just over a week away from the blog, posting the latest song from Oh Wonder after it has been online for 7 days and hit number 1 on the Hype Machine chart may seem a bit off the pace to some. Thankfully being fully unfunded and independent means we can post what the hell we like when we like. Tomorrow expect something from buzz band The Beatles perhaps? We hear that Kanye’s latest guitarist has something to do with them.

Just in case you haven’t come across Oh Wonder yet, here’s a quick summary:

1. They’ve been releasing 1 track a month and plan to release an album exactly 1 year after they released their first track in September.

2. All of the songs they have released have found much favour from the blogs. There’s a simple reason for this of course – they’re very good. Our favourite is still The Rain, but the latest Lose It is not far behind.

3. Until recently Oh Wonder hadn’t revealed very much about their identities, although in our previous post (here) we’d hinted that previously featured Breaking More Waves starlet Layla (who had in the past released under her real name Jose Vanders)  may well be one of the vocalists.

Confirmation came with the release of Lose It, Jose’s vocal being ever more distinctive, the song structure being undeniably similar to some of her past work. When we tweeted that we thought it sounded very similar to Layla last week (here) Oh Wonder favourited the tweet. Then came the biggest give away of them all, the names ‘Anthony & Josephine’ appeared on the members section of the Oh Wonder Facebook page (Anthony being Ant West, who has collaborated with Jose before and has a past history with bands such as Futures and We The Wild as well as various songwriting / production credits). This was followed by the press pic (above) appearing on Twitter, fully confirming what was already 99.9999% certain. It was Jose and Ant.

So now we all know who they are we can get on with the really important stuff, and that’s enjoying the music. Lose It (an appropriate title considering Jose lost some front teeth a while ago and is now having some pretty hefty dental work) is another peach, perfectly conveying that special feeling of dancing into the night with someone new and the electric space between the two of you.

Oh Wonder - Lose It

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