Sunday, 15 February 2015

Frankie - New Waves

‘Frankie, do you remember me?’ Sister Sledge once sang. Now here’s a new Frankie that maybe you’ll remember alongside her from The Saturdays, them that went to Hollywood and him with the Four Seasons who a new generation in the UK may have come to have know recently due to his impersonator's winning performance on ITV’s show Stars In Their Eyes. a program which has been given a refresh due to Harry Hill’s lunacy and embedded piss-taking of the likes of X-Factor, or him that went off the road after X-Factor.

This Frankie doesn’t have a surname though; it's just Frankie. It’s a statement of intent to go just by your first first name. Madonna was always just Madonna, Adele just Adele, whereas Kylie took a fair few years to drop the Minogue. Sam (Smith) might struggle if he ever decided to just become Sam, despite the fact that Smith is the most common surname in the UK.

So say hi to Frankie. She has two songs online right now. Blackout is a relatively straightforward piece of bubblegum studio fare, but new song Problems Problems with its hooky chorus, ‘baby baby’ Motown nod and modern glossy production is top-pop ear candy that sounds made for radio. It's already doing well on the Hype Machine charts, no doubt helped by the fact that Frankie is giving away the song as a free download, but only if you send a screenshot to showing that you've "hearted" the song - a clever little way of building the plays and exposure for your tune.

Taken from her forthcoming six track EP Dreamstate it’s impossible to tell right now if it’s the sound of a pop rocket about to be launched or just another fleeting moment in pop's long history of rapidly fading stars. But for now let’s not worry about careers or longevity and if we will be asking 'Frankie, do you remember her?' Just enjoy it right here, right now.

Frankie - Problems Problems

Frankie - Blackout (Video)

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