Friday, 13 February 2015

MΛJIK - New Waves

Whereas pop music of previous decades has largely been connected with displaying the adrenalin fuelled and pent up energy of youth it seems that the current generation of music makers are often more content to produce something slow-burning, soft and languid than something that is going to stick its sharp musical teeth into what has gone before. The roll call of blissed-out, mellow delicate souls who sound like their music was made on a Sunday morning underneath the duvet is ever expanding; James Blake, The XX, London Grammar, Banks, Jesssie Ware, The Weeknd, Daughter, Aquilo, Låpsley and even newcomers such as recently featured Arctic Lake are all producing music that would make ageing punks growl with anger.

Of course here at Breaking More Waves we’re very partial to something a little melancholy, a little sultry and a little downtempo as long as we mix it up with something barbed and jagged from time to time and today we’re adding another such act to that list. MΛJIK is a duo from London who originally met at a chance house share in Leeds. Their debut track It’s Alright appeared on line earlier this week and is a beautifully tempered piece of modern soothing pop with guitars that capture the essence of the likes of The XX and Daughter, whilst a warm spacey electronic production provides the perfect backing for the soulful vocals as the as yet unnamed vocalist asks to “take me to that place now, ‘cos I’m feeling I’m feeling you.”  Let MΛJIK steal your feelings with this song.

MΛJIK - It's Alright

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant-about to listen again, and then again.