Monday 23 February 2015

Percival Elliott - New Waves

Considering the whimsical and delicately appealing melodies of today’s new band, it seems pretty remarkable that one of this south coast duo has a past history with heavy rockers Dead PinUps. But Samuel Carter- Brazier, together with his musical partner Olly Hite, writing and recording as Percival Elliot has created something that is the equivalent of an aural hug – not something you’d have ever associated the Dead PinUps with.

With Meant To Be Percival Elliot capture the same fragrantly romantic musical essence that the likes of Stornoway have been bottling for some time now - no wonder the song was released on Valentine’s Day. In fact the word romance is a little unfair, for this is a song about real love, not just flowers and chocolates. “You got me, I got you, we’re meant to be,” could easily seem like a cheesy throwaway line in the wrong hands, but here it’s sung with such honesty that you can’t help but feel a rush of goose bumps and comfort. Add in a sweetly touching video shot by Paul Thurlow on Southsea’s bandstand with an ending that will make even the hardest heart flutter and you’ll probably feel a little better all day for having listened to Percival Elliot.

Percival Elliot's debut EP, which includes Meant To Be is available now from iTunes.

Meant To Be - Percival Elliot

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