Saturday 21 February 2015

Cold Courage - New Waves

There’s a significant amount of Jon Hopkins vibes about Her, the debut track from London’s Cold Courage. Not that this is a bad thing at all, after all Hopkins’ Immunity was one of our favourite records of 2013. 

But Her really does have that same sense of relentless propulsion about it. It’s tropical techno. It’s the soundtrack to entering the club. Yet it's also dance music for those who don’t like to dance. Vigorous head nodding and chin / beard stroking? Yes that could be part of the brief. Be careful as you listen though, because as the track develops you might just find your body crazy dancing on its own accord, jerking round the room as if you’ve been electrified. 

Her sounds like it’s the start of something good, and there’s further evidence to suggest this on his remix of Hugh’s I Don’t Like You.

A debut EP is forthcoming and Her is currently available as a free download.

Cold Courage - Her

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