Monday 16 February 2015

Flower Fellow - New Waves

“It’s all about the music.” It’s one of those statements that a lot of writers / fans make to affirm their lack of prejudice. Yet when you start digging a little deeper you’ll probably find that most of us have some sort of fixed ideas about what is good and bad and often those judgements are made just as much on aspects of presentation and marketing as they are the music itself. And do you know what? There’s nothing wrong with judging a book by a cover in the world of music – it’s just using intuition and experience to filter things to make life manageable. Right? For example if you came across a band called Doomgrave would you still have an open mind about their music before you pressed play? What about an artist whose promo pic showed them wearing gold sequined hotpants a tiny black bra and nothing else?

So when we first came across Flower Fellow, our intuition kicked in and we almost didn’t press play. Why? It’s that name. Flower Fellow. It sounds like the sort of moniker someone might use in the early seventies as they tripped their way down to Glastonbury in a rainbow painted hippy bus, ready to offer from love, peace and karma whilst dancing naked in the sunset. We were expecting some horrendously dated sounding folk music, possibly with a ten minute didgeridoo solo and some improvised wailing. The hair garland in the picture didn't help either.

Then we remembered the time when we passed Lorde by the first time (here) simply because of a horrible promo pic and thought, hell, why not? We should still give it a listen. (Yes, we've written about this subject before, well spotted regular readers). Prejudice was blown out of the water.

White & Blue is a stirring cinematic ear-turner blessed with power and tenderness that’s sung with impressive vocal prowess, which however clichéd it is to say, shows Flower Fellow has a voice way beyond what we’d expect of most 17 year olds. But then that’s just prejudice again isn’t it? This post is going well isn’t it? Cliché and prejudice all rolled into 1. Oh dear.

White & Blue is taken from The Rabbit EP which is released in May. We suggest you just listen without any preconceived ideas. The song is released on iTunes today. Which is handy. 

Flower Fellow - White & Blue

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