Friday, 6 January 2012

Rachel Sermanni - The Fog (Video)

We’ve already posted about Rachel Sermanni’s song The Fog, back in October.The essential key points of that particular post were
  • It is a very good song.
  • We are ready to declare our undying love for her.
Before continuing we must interject and state that our undying love is for Rachel’s music and not some warped internet-stalker fan-boy desire. We save that for our favourite pop star N-Robz.*

Rachel has now released a video for the previously posted song and therefore, bearing in mind the above two key points, it seems only right that we also host this. Important points to note are:
  • Rachel looks like she got a nice ‘Christmas cardigan’ this year.
  • Does she really pick her nose at 11 seconds in ? That’s not something you often see in a contemporary music video. If it was Radiohead it would probably be lauded as being 'innovative' so well done Rachel, if indeed there was a bit of bogey removal going on. Highly innovative.
  • There is some fog in the video, but it looks suspiciously like dry ice.
  • At 2.58 there’s a bit of a creepy moment until ‘the big reveal’ at the end which is, well, a bit odd really.
Rachel Sermanni - The Fog (Video)

The Fog is taken from Rachel's Black Currents EP released on 6th Feb. Rachel was also named as one of our 15 Ones To Watch in 2012

*This is a joke internet police. We do not need to be arrested. Nicola Roberts is perfectly safe.

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