Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rachel Sermanni - The Fog

Here’s something new from the Mumford & Sons approved Scots singer songwriter Rachel Sermanni. It’s called The Fog and fully justifies why we’ve been putting her name forward on the blog a number of times now. It’s a bold and fearless song built around a simple but irresistible chorus, which finds Rachel pulling back the curtains to hit us with her resoundingly potent vocal. “Mercy mercy I’ve been caught, lying with my darkest thought,” she hollers note perfectly.

If the likes of Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling are now the respective kings and queen of the UK nu-folk movement then Sermanni is very much the princess in waiting. In fact, The Fog is far more accessible than anything on Marling’s jazz-tinged and slightly experimental third album - so there's commercial potential here. We’ve been smitten for quite a while now, but maybe now is the time to declare our full love.

The Fog by Rachel Sermanni

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