Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cloud Boat - New Waves

Yesterday we mentioned James Blake. Today we mention him again, because we first came across the immeasurably brilliant Cloud Boat at the start of 2011, supporting the man himself. Yet it’s taken us virtually a year to get round to featuring them on the blog, because until recently the tracks available to stream were inadequate – being either radio rips or truncated versions of the songs. It would have been like going to the cinema and only being allowed to see half the film, with everyone chattering over the beginning.

So, if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to immerse yourself in this duo’s music. It’s a restrained journey through the world of future bass. Cloud Boat’s sounds are transfixing, bewildering and seductively enchanting. What they do is serene; despite the beats, listening to them is a calming experience. Yet never assume that just because their music is mellow that it’s boring. The devil is in the listening detail.

This is late night music. The pastoral simplicity of Bastion’s introduction gives way to reverb laden falsetto, come-down crashes and small-hours ambience perfect for dark 3am motorway cruises. With drum programming, disembodied vocal samples and eerie twilight atmospherics forming the basis of another track called Lions On A Beach fans of Mount Kimbie and Gold Panda will find a lot to become enamoured with. And if that all sounds a little beard-strokingly muso, don't worry Cloud Boat have a sense of humour as well - their video of a youthful Jean Claude Van Damme cutting some fine dance moves to Lions On A Beach is a bit of a giggle - even if it is very very wrong.

Cloud Boat is two unassuming looking men called Sam and Tom from London. Keep an eye (and ear) out for them. If they get as far as an album it could be a very rewarding experience.

Cloud Boat - Bastion

Cloud Boat - Lions On The Beach

Cloud Boat - Jean Claude Van Damme Dancing To Cloud Boat


Anonymous said...

it was me, Gavin Ghosting Season who did that van damme video! we toured with em last year, and it was a bit of an in joke :)

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Ha well it's an awesome video. Makes me laugh (and cringe) every time I watch it.