Friday, 27 January 2012

Alice Jemima - Today

Why write a music blog? Maybe you want to build up a head of hits and earn yourself some cash through adverts on your site? Maybe you want to create a portfolio of your literary elegance and social media skills to showcase to future employers? Maybe you want to use the internet and a blog to create a name for yourself and boost your ego? Maybe you want to use it as a tool for some future project like setting up a record label or a club night. Maybe you think it would be a ‘cool’ thing to do. Or maybe like Breaking More Waves you just want to tell the world about the new music that you love through process of discovery?

It’s that process that is the most deeply rewarding part of writing a music blog. Finding a new song or artist that you fall in love with and then shouting out to the world about it. Screaming “this is bloody brilliant and it makes me feel something,” and hoping that someone takes the time to listen to you and agree with you.

We’ve done exactly that with Alice Jemima. We fell in love with her songs back in spring 2011 and we’re as enamoured now as we were back then. A recent gig at Proud Galleries in London not only confirmed Alice’s ability to pen beautifully fragile yearning pop songs but also a shyly innocent charm that makes everyone in the room feel that little bit better about life.

So here’s her latest tune. Unlike offerings such as Red Coat and Catapult, Today has a more hushed intimate sound, forsaking pop hooks for a moment of fragile disclosure. It is of course, impossibly lovely.

It’s for moments like this that we write a music blog.

Alice Jemima - Today


Scryst said...

Lovely song. Lovely piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

A simply beautiful track. Going to look up Alice on iTunes right now for more. Thank's for sharing, I always enjoy discovering new music off blogs which is probably my reason for making one of my own. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see and hear more!