Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Zhala - New Waves

Last year at the 10th Bestival on the Isle of Wight one of the more WTF performances we witnessed was from Swedish experimental pop lady Zhala. Her set consisted of crazy pumping rave pop and a crutches wielding, knicker flashing co-dancer who wriggled around on a bed with the singer. It left most of the small crowd watching baffled, but almost everybody smiling - a performance that if nothing else had a bag load of enthusiasm and theatricality.

You might recognise Zhala from way back in 2012 when she released just a single song, Slippin’ Around which circulated on the blogs - it had a suitably eccentric druggy dreams video (below). Since then apart from a handful of live shows (including that Bestival one) things have been very quiet, until now, as Zhala she returns with a new EP, released through fellow Swede Robyn’s Konichiwa Records. From it comes the deliriously crazy tune Prophet. Prepare yourself for madness because after the first minute of pulsing misty atmospheric synths the tune suddenly morphs into what can best be described as a happy hardcore track that gradually puts its foot on the accelerator and becomes giddily ridiculous in every way possible. Is it pop? Is it dance music? Is it bonkers? Yes, but we can’t help but like it.

Zhala - Prophet

Zhala - Slippin' Around (Video)

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