Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Allie X - New Waves

Blog pop. It’s a term we’ve used a number of times over the last few years to describe the kind of pop music that doesn’t start with a major label release and a tour of shopping malls or schools to win a teen fanbase, but instead attempts to capture some sort of indie credibility by promoting itself through the blogs, often combined with a boutique label release. 

The unequivocal home of blog pop is Neon Gold. Part label, part blog, they’ve managed to stop pop being a dirty word and have unequivocally led the way for how boutique labels operate to achieve success. Neon Gold is a label that truly understands the internet and is unashamedly in love with big glossy pop music. Ellie Goulding, Chvrches, Marina and the Diamonds and Foxes are just a few of the acts that have found their careers jettisoned into space from the label / blogs early support.

And now here comes another artist who perfectly fits the bill. Neon Gold themselves describe new pop sensation Allie X as hitting “the perfect halfway point between Chvrches and Ellie Goulding” with her debut offering Catch. They’re spot on with that description. So regular Breaking More Waves readers will find it no surprise to find Allie X quickly placed onto the pages of Breaking More Waves, with both Chvrches and Miss Goulding being two of our blog romances from day one till the present day. Add to that a rather bonkers cover version of A Day In The Life by The Beatles and Allie X (who has previously performed under the names Allie Hughes and ALX) has got us worshipping (again) at the towers of the king and queen of blog pop: Neon Gold.

Allie X - Catch

Allie X - A Day In The Life (Video)

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