Thursday, 18 October 2018

New Music: Flohio - Wild Yout

It’s around this time of year that people like me, who like lists and fortune telling, get pretty excited about all the forthcoming tips for 2019 that will inevitably be coming our way over the next couple of months or so from various publications and organisations.

Personally, this year is probably the hardest to call for a number of years. Whereas last year Sigrid was an odds-on favourite to be on every list and previous to that there has always been a few artists that I’ve had a reasonable degree of certainty would be there or thereabouts on the likes of the BBC Sound of list, this year I can’t see an obvious front runner and from the discussions I’ve had with other interested new music aficionados this seems to be a common consensus. 

Breaking More Waves will of course be publishing its own annual Ones to Watch list as it has done every year since the blog started around the end of November, but until then here’s one of those artists that I think has a small chance of getting on those industry lists and more to the point, I’d like to see her being given the nod.

Wild Yout (that’s not a spelling error on my part – but one of those trendy grammar gone wrong things that hip young fashionable types like to do in the same way as they like to tweet all in lower case or bands that like to spell their names wrong for Google optimisation) is Flohio’s new release. It’s the follow up to the excellent Watchout and 10 More Rounds is as glassily sharp and hard as they come. Sinister synths and beats provide the landscape for Flohio’s frantic delivery: “No excuses, I just do this. Find my own way through this bullshit,” she storms. This is a track, like all of Flohio’s material, that feels like it’s pushing things forward – there’s an energy to it that is violently exciting. 

Flohio is out on tour in late November and December in the UK. Check the dates on her Facebook.

Flohio - Wild Yout

Monday, 15 October 2018

New Music: Introducing - Amanda Tenfjord

Sigrid and Aurora you will, of course, already be 100% familiar with. Yet the quality pop from Norway doesn’t stop there. Bubbling under is the impressive Halie (who currently seems to be focused on her own country) and now I’m adding another name to the list and that’s Amanda Tenfjord. Here's a fun fact: Amanda originally hails from a village also called Tenfjord and yes, it’s her real surname as well.

Having first appeared on Norway’s TV talent show The Stream where she fluttered a few hearts performing the ballad Man of Iron she’s subsequently released a small handful of high-end electronic based pop tunes that have hooks by the bagful. Early out of traps was the suitably titled First Impression and that was followed up with No Thanks. Now Amanda makes it three good ones in a row with Let Me Think. This one's her best yet. If you’re a fan of Sigrid you’re guaranteed to like Amanda. In fact, Amanda has co-written with Odd Martin who has also worked with Sigrid and Aurora, so you can see there’s a golden thread here. 

Now all we need is Sigrid, Aurora and Amanda to get together and to form a supergroup. With all the collaborations going on in pop at the moment, it’s perhaps not out of the question. But for now, collect your thoughts and take a listen to Let Me Think which was released last Friday and if, like me, you're in the UK, start hoping she comes over to our country for some shows at some point.

Amanda Tenfjord - Let Me Think

Sunday, 14 October 2018

New Music: Lauran Hibberd - What Do Girls Want?

Lauran Hibberd has the art of writing a made-for-streaming-services indie pop hit down to a fine art. Essentially the golden rule here is no time wasting. No complex introductions are required – just get straight in with the verse and then punch home again with the chorus before the listener skips to the next track. Now you've got them hooked, keep it short, keep it sweet but always leave the listener wanting more. 

The two minutes and forty-five seconds of fizz and fuzz of What Do Girls Want? does exactly that, packing enough cartoon sass and sarcasm into its short life span to make you feel like you’ve just downed a couple of double vodka and red bulls and are now pumped up enough to do it all over again, no messing.

So, what do girls want? Alas Lauran doesn’t give the answer. “Honey if I knew I still wouldn’t tell you,” she sings in a chirpy but unforthcoming manner.  Again she's got this stuff sussed. Never give everything away.  

So without Lauran to help, here are some suggestions provided by the women of Breaking More Waves HQ:

What Girls Want

A nice sit down and a cup of tea. 
A Dog. 

There you have it. A firecracker from Lauran Hibberd plus the answer to one of the big questions in life from Breaking More Waves. Your day is complete.

Lauran Hibberd - What Do Girls Want?

New Music: Introducing - Milly Upton

Normally when a piece is titled Introducing on Breaking More Waves it signifies that the artist has either one or a small handful of tracks released to the world. Today however I’m featuring an artist who has already released an album last year. However, judging by the play count on Spotify which is just a few thousand it seems that Milly Upton will still be new to the vast majority of readers of Breaking More Waves – hence the Introducing title. If you already know her then maybe just skip this post and give her record Baby F.M another play? It's worth it.

Milly’s music is the stuff of the classic sing songwriter. It has a gorgeously soothing quality to it - it’s a record for rainy lazy Sunday afternoons, a record to wake up to, a record that sounds as rooted in the past (1970’s west coast USA to be specific) as it does in the present. Songs like Clean & Good (streaming below) with its twangy guitar and warm vocals will surely remedy any malaise – even if the all encompassing loveliness gets a small kick when Milly sings the word ‘bitches’, which sounds aggressively at odds with the beguiling nature of the rest of the song.

Originally from Brighton, but now based in London Milly has been playing live for a few years now. Your next chance to see her play is alongside Shiners, MarthaGunn and Margot at a Communion show at Notting Hill Arts Centre, London on November 4th.

Milly Upton - Clean & Good

Milly Upton - Orange & Blue (Sofar Sounds Session)