Thursday, 2 October 2014

The True Cost Of Gig Going (Part 9)

This is an update on our project for the year to record every gig we go to and the associated spending.

September was an odd month. We went to 5 shows, saw 11 artists and not one of them was closer than 50 miles from home. The furthest was over 5,000 miles away, although that was whilst on holiday, so we’re not including the travel or hotel costs as that would have been spent irrespective of the gig or not.

It was also odd as we paid the most we’ve ever paid for a ticket for a single show, but it was for something a little bit special – Kate Bush's Before The Dawn concert– and afterwards felt that the was money well spent.

So here’s September’s detail on spending

Tickets (inc booking fees) £199.50

Travel and transport £45

Drinks £45

Merchandise £25

Hotels / accommodation £59

Total monthly spend : £373.50

That’s an average of £74.70 per gig – our highest monthly total this year

Or an average of £33.95 per artist in September

Our total spend on gig going between January 2014 and September 2014 is £2,858.40

In December we’ll be providing a full summary and drawing some conclusions, but one conclusion already drawn is that we spend a huge amount of money on going to gigs and festivals every year. If we cut this down by half we could afford to buy a huge number of albums or other luxury items such as an ipad or another flash holiday. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sake - Stay With Me

This is beautiful. 

Back in April we posted Almost Never, the debut song by Sake the new project from singer Chloe Leavers. It was love on first listen. Now she returns with Stay With Me and it’s another ear kisser. Despite its understated brooding atmospherics and gentle guitar chords Stay With Me has a sense of passionate strength flowing through it as she sings of weathering the storm, wild abandon and flying with wings. Then there’s that voice; it never tries too hard, but sounds commanding and slightly menacing at the same time.

As we said – this is beautiful.

*(Note – the picture above was taken of Chloe some time ago before the new Sake project, but in the absence of any other image being available we’ve used this. Essentially what we’re saying is Sake may look nothing like this now.)

Sake - Stay With Me

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Flyte - Light Me Up

One of our Ones to Watch for 2014 Flyte return with Light Me Up a tune that continues a string of songs that pop the musical happy pills into the body, even if the chorus alludes to the fact that Flyte aren’t always as perky as their music sounds. “I’m dying out and I need you to light me up,” sings lead singer Will, calling out for someone to make him feel alive again, something that love can undoubtedly do. However, if you’re feeling a bit blue and don’t have anyone to take you to that better place, try this song; it’s nearly as good a tonic.

Light Me Up will be released on the 17th November through Turned Out Nice / Island Records. The band are out on the road later this month, catch them if you can, (dates here) for here’s a group who do all those traditional things like write good songs and then play them well. Whilst occasionally it’s good to have a life changing experience at a gig, most of the time all most of us want are for a band to put a smile on our face before we catch the bus home afterwards and Flyte undoubtedly have the skills to do that.

Flyte - Light Me Up

Monday, 29 September 2014

Jagaara - Faultline (Video)

Remember Jagaara who we introduced back in July with their song Faultline? Today the band release it as a single. This means if you wanted you could purchase it through one of the traditional gatekeepers (© Thom Yorke) of your choice. 

To celebrate, here is some more Jagaara related news:

1. The band recently uploaded a video for Faultline which finds them singing in a foggy and moodily lit set behind translucent sheeting. We have no idea why - maybe they're in an isolation unit with a highly infectious disease?

2. Jagaara are out on tour in October and if you live in London, Brighton, Reading, Bristol or Bournemouth in the UK the good news is that you can see them for free (just head here for details). If you live in Norwich or Southampton, you can still see them but will have to pay. If you live anywhere in the North or outside of the UK then it’s either a long trip for you or you’ll have to wait until another time. 

3. We keep spelling Jagaraa Jagara Jaguar Jagwar Ma Jagaara incorrectly. The double 'a' confuses us.

Jagaara - Faultline (Video)