Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mononoke - Barefoot And Broken (Video)

She’s still doing a relatively good job of keeping her real name secret (even if certain bloggers who have worked it out have been hiding secret clues on the internet for those who are prepared to look into the bigger picture and get the answer) but now the music is flowing again as Mononoke has uploaded her third song Barefoot and Broken for your listening pleasure.

An understated piano based ballad, with a modernist pop production, Barefoot and Broken doesn’t sound like a straight to radio chart-friendly hit, but that's not a criticism. There’s a gentler subtlety at play here, but one which pays dividends on repeated listens. It’s a song to drift away to, her soft but strong vocal encased in the musical equivalent of a floating cloud.

Finally a minor moan; does anyone else (apart from ourselves) really dislike the typeface used in the logo above image ? Is it wrong that we actually hate it? Poverty, injustice, war and the crimes of the world and we’re getting angry about a typeface. Save us.

Mononoke - Barefoot and Broken (Video)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Young War - Black Diamond

Ooooh, Young War’s gone all kind of Chet Faker; oozing it up with a slow motion, softly sung organ led piece of soul / r 'n' b, quite possibly smoothing the way for a few babies to be made during or after playing. That is unless you listen to the lyrics, which don’t really say ‘let’s get it on.’ Because the words are about lies and the death of love rather than the sweaty, sticky, flushed face start or middle part of relationships. No, this one is all about the end. Shame, because bang goes the latest track on the 'Breaking More Waves Gets Down And Dirty' compilation then.

Rather like Public Service Broadcasting (although completely different in terms of musical genre) Young War takes an old fashioned vocal sample to embellish the track further. It's from Rev. A. W. Nix (who was known as one of the great singing preachers) about the Black Diamond, a passenger train that ran from New York to Buffalo from 1896 until 1959. We’ve no idea what this has to do with the lyrics of the rest of the song, but it all sounds good together, so frankly who cares?

It's available to download for free.

Young War - Black Diamond

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Paper Boats - New Waves

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. On behalf of the flight crew let me welcome you aboard Breaking More Waves post number 2116 to destination music. We should touch down in two minutes and fifty seven seconds and are expecting a fairly lively flight. I’ve turned off the fasten seatbelt signs so please feel free to have a dance in the aisles whilst your cabin crew serve you complimentary cocktails in their swimwear as we head for the sun. Don’t forget to appreciate the good time vibes, have a smile on your face and as the lyrics of the song say “feel so high” that you’ll never want to come down. The weather at our destination is hot and humid, just like this frothy, danceable summertime pop from this new Surrey (Guildford to be exact) based band. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us today. Get your shades on, and we'll see you on the beach. Enjoy Paper Boats. Enjoy Holidays." 

Paper Boats touch down at Guildford Boiler Room on April 25th alongside Fickle Friends. 

Paper Boats - Holidays

Sake - New Waves

Today we’re posting about a new artist who goes by the name of Sake who we were introduced to just yesterday by one of the UK’s longest serving music bloggers, Simon from Sweeping The Nation. “You’ll like this I suspect,” he tweeted us. He was wrong. Very wrong. We don’t just like it, we adore it. In fact we love it more than anything else we’ve heard this month. Consider us 100% smitten.

And so it starts. “This old heart I call a suitcase, borrowed and bruised case,” Sake sings in a musical garden of genteel acoustic playing and soft bass. “We travel distance, across the ocean and back. I wonder if there’ll be someone to carry me when I’m tired and heavy?” she asks. But before you think this is just another whimsical folk song, listen further. For as the songs progresses it swells through the use of wide screen sweeping atmospherics, electronics and elegiac drumming to produce something intoxicating and beautiful. Then there’s the voice. Oh, the voice. A voice that hits the spot and does things to us that we probably shouldn't even attempt to describe on a public blog. 

So who is this new artist? The answer lies on the Facebook page for Welsh folk singer Chloe Leavers. “I would really like to say a big thank you for all the support and kind words and lovely comments over the past few years. Everyone has been so kind and it has amazed me! I have recently been working on a new project of my own as I am no longer writing/performing as Chloe Leavers. I have a new website with a free download for everyone as I would love you to have one of my new tracks. There will be more to come so keep a look out thanks again so much.” 

The price of something beautiful today comes at the cost of your email address. Really Sake has underpriced herself. We’re very excited to hear more. Download Almost Never by going here, or press play and stream below.

Footnote: After this post was published due to technical issues Sake had to take the track down, she has now re-posted - apologies to those who visited but the player wasn't available.

Sake - Almost Never