Saturday, 25 October 2014

Prides - Out Of The Blue (Video)

This summer we almost choked on our cup of tea whilst watching the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony on our television when amongst the likes of Kylie and Lulu, up cropped Scottish synth pop trio Prides in a festival of dancing tent dreams. It's pretty unusual to see a relatively new band get featured on something quite as large scale. Well done whoever was involved. You can see that moment via some audience filmed footage here.

Whilst this new video for Out Of The Blue, the first song that Prides released and that we featured back in April 2013, has been out for a few weeks now, it hasn’t yet made it onto these pages. (Exam question: 'If Breaking More Waves is a new music blog, when does the music stop becoming new'? Discuss). So here it is in all its very wash of blue wonder. We particularly like the way the band do the nearly coordinated one leg bounce at their keyboards at the beginning. 

In other news Out Of The Blue is now featured on the new FIFA 15 soundtrack. Again well done whoever is involved.

The band is also out on a UK tour in February after selling out their recent dates. Ticket links and dates are here.

Prides - Out Of The Blue (Video)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Black Honey - Bloodlust

Hurrah! Mystery band Black Honey finally reveal themselves – and guess what? They look pretty much like any other regular bunch of guys and gals in a band. No deformed faces, no extra limbs, no absurdly large or small body parts (not that we can see anyway). We also get some names: Izzy Bee, Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor & Tom Dewhurst. Plug that into Google and you’ll find out the name of Black Honey before they became Black Honey, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (Interesting / not so interesting fact depending on your point of view: when they were that former band one of their first gigs was supporting Haim in Brighton. One of their last gigs in their previous guise was the Camden Crawl this year. We witnessed both shows - their birth and death before the reincarnation so to speak.) 

Right, now we’ve got all of that cleared up, shall we get on with the music? This one gives a nod backwards, as it struts like an ostrich with a raw speaker shredding 60’s noise pop sound to it. It features on the bands untitled debut EP, which will be available as a limited edition physical run CD at their gigs, the first of which is today in their home town of Brighton at a yet to be disclosed venue. Want to go? Message them on 07578533359 for details. They also play Notting Hill Arts Club, London on November 2nd.

Black Honey - Bloodlust

Troves - New Waves

“How did you find them?” is a question that music bloggers sometimes get asked. Often the answer is fairly boring. “I got an email about them from their representatives.” However, one of our favourite ways of discovery is still the old fashioned method of stumbling across a band on the bottom of the bill in a small club being watched by just a handful of people. So it was with Brighton’s Troves. With a smug 'we're-so-on-it' smile we made a note to feature them here on Breaking More Waves, way before anyone else had discovered them, or so we thought.

One quick world wide web search later showed that the internet was already way ahead of us. Debut track Youth In Decay already has over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud and 16 Hype Machine listed blogs have featured the tune. Huw Stephens has played them on Radio 1. We obviously haven’t been paying attention – maybe because we’ve been out at too many gigs.

So here are Troves. A three-piece, two boys, one girl. In the live form they manage to do moody melancholy and big euphoria all in the same breath, or at least the same song. In recorded form their sound is a little more subtle with references to  80’s swizzling synth pop. Alongside the likes of Royal Blood, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Salt Ashes, Fickle Friends and Black Honey (more on Black Honey later today), Troves confirm that Brighton continues to be a hotbed of diverse and exciting artists although because of the internet, there's an argument that their location really doesn't matter anymore, does it? 

See them next on the 18th Nov at The Hope in Brighton or on the 19th at The Lexington in London.

Troves - Youth In Decay (Video)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brika - Gold

Following three previous tunes, namely Mumbai, Expectations and Options (two of which we featured on Breaking More Waves) comes Miami singer Brika’s fourth single, Gold, the final release before her debut album Voice Memos which is due on November 25th via Art House Records. We quite like the idea of an album called Voice Memos. We imagine Brika singing her weekly food shopping list over some pumping electronica and perhaps some domestic chores and laundry that she needs to remember to do over some deft piano. After all it was good enough for Kate Bush.

However it looks like our fantasies of normality will remain just that that, because Gold is nothing of the sort. Instead it’s a propulsive and uplifting dance-pop belter with not one mention of packets of pasta or washing the kitchen floor. “Hold me close and I know I'll feel fine,” Brika sings before the chorus hits the swagger button and forces you to throw your hands in the air.

Brika - Gold