Sunday, 16 February 2014

Eva Stone - Runaway Lover (Live Session Version Video)

Every year since the blog's birth, come late November / early December, Breaking More Waves publishes its own Ones To Watch list for the forthcoming year. We’ve always gone much earlier than many other blogs or websites, partly to avoid any accusation of copying others should our choices be the same, particularly if as usually happens a few of our selections crop up on the likes of the ubiquitous BBC Sound of List or its smaller distant cousin the UK Blog Sound of List, which we help compile. 

This year more sites than ever before seemed to publish Ones to Watch / Hopes for 2014 lists, some of them verging on the ridiculous – we saw lists of 100 and even 214 acts being published, often with no commentary as to why they were included on the list. Frankly who has the time to sit and listen to 214 bands? That’s over 10 hours of listening. It’s why we’ve always kept the format of our list to 10 or 15 acts and published one a day, with some text to explain why we think they’re One to Watch for the forthcoming year. Of course we don’t always get it ‘right’ but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it? 

Amongst the acts we list we’ve always tried to find one or two that we guess are unlikely to crop up on many other lists, not because they’re not worthy of inclusion, but because they’re probably a little too under the radar at that particular stage.  In previous years amongst this category we’ve included the likes of Clare Maguire and Marina & The Diamonds (both a full year before the BBC Sound of List). Of our Ones to Watch for 2014 probably Eva Stone is the artist who most easily fits that early-doors category, having yet to release a single or EP and with just the smallest collection of songs online.

We’ve written before about Eva’s voice which oozes classic blues and soul references, allowing us to use the words Britain’s got talent without thinking of Simon Cowell. Now here’s another display of those vocals on a session version of a song called Runaway Lover (which was previously titled just Runaway, see an earlier version here) which was premiered on Line of Best Fit on Friday. The song is formed around a gritty rootsy riff and once again places what comes out of Eva's mouth central stage.

Eva Stone - Runaway Lover (Live Session Version Video)

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