Friday, 14 February 2014

Lovestarrs - Stupid Cupid

Today is the day where (if judging by last year) many men will be cooking their girlfriends steak to show them that: 

1. They’re manly, because steak is a very manly thing.

2. They can cook.

3. In the UK at least, it’s too cold for a barbeque (if Valentine’s day was in July in the UK all the ladies would be getting burnt sausages).

4. Last year wasn’t a one off. (By year 3, if it's still going strong they'll have probably given up with that idea though and will instead suggest 'going down the pub with my mates' would be a suitably romantic gesture or maybe a loving gift of two tickets to the football on Saturday.)

Their girlfriends will then proclaim the cooking of the steak to be the most romantic thing ever (particularly if the man also purchased some over-priced red roses to thrust at her, hoping that he’ll be thrusting something else in her later).  She’ll then post a photo of it on Instagram. For that (apparently) is a sign of true love.

In the meantime, while that’s going on we suggest playing this song. The second track from Lovestarrs (whose debut track Get Your Sexy On we featured here and could probably be played after the steak) seems appropriate today. It’s called Stupid Cupid. “Do you ever feel like cupid is a bitch?” the band state. Well if the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection is the reason this free download got created, he can’t be all that bad can he?

Lovestarrs - Stupid Cupid

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