Thursday, 6 February 2014

Babypink - Cellar Door

Here’s the third track to be uploaded to Soundcloud by West Midland newcomers Babypink and it’s another belter. After tricking you with a gentle psychedelic opening it rams everything home with waves of searing guitars ready for you to howl and scream along to:  “Which way to the cellar door?” 

Yes Baby Pink borrow heavily from the past, the guitars swirl in a way that we last heard at the end of the 80’s / dawn of the 90’s when watching Snub TV (unless of course you’ve been listening to modern day kindred spirits and neighbours Peace) but by the time you get to the hooky command to “just shake little baby, just shake for me,” if you’re anything like us you’ll probably find your hormones rushing all over the place, your voice hollering along and your legs bending in all sorts of peculiar ways on an indie dancefloor.

Extra kudos as well to Babypink for these domestic lyrics: "In the kitchen I'm a lost cause, your utensils leave me raw." 

Babypink - Cellar Door

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