Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Huntar - New Waves

Another day, another ‘mystery’ artist. A name, a picture (that may or may not be of himself standing by a circular gas tower) and a song. That’s all we get. It’s probably not the sort of approach that is going to create instant levels of One Direction fan excitement, but of course that’s probably not the aim here. 

So with no facts, tit bits, attitude or anything else we'd better focus on the music.

Expectations is a dusky sounding piece of electronic based pop formed out of doomed synths and vocal samples, solid drum sounds and lyrics about crawling until you walk then running until you break away. Perhaps he's plotting the course of infant to child to adult? Although frankly we have no idea, it could be something far more deeply profound than that and we’ve missed it. What we particularly like in Expectations is the moment near halfway through when you hear Huntar say “3,4” as if this was a fully live band he’s counting in when clearly it isn’t. We're also enjoying the part where two thirds through, just as you might be feeling a bit ‘Delia Smith’ and wanting to shout “come on let’s be ‘avin you,” Expectations gets a bit more sprightly, throws off its low-key cloak and puts its metaphoric hands in the air, aiming for the land of bliss. A confident and intriguing start. 

Huntar - Expectations

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Jason Denver said...

It's Lewis mokler