Friday, 28 February 2014

Slow Club - Tears Of Joy

Oh Slow Club. Yes, Rebecca and Charles, the finest purveyors of indie-acoustic folk-pop return with….hold on what’s this? It’s not indie-folk pop. It is (gasp) a CHANGE IN DIRECTION. How could they? What does this mean? Is our love affair over? Will there be tears of sadness? 

No not at all. 

As the lyrics suggest, if tears are to be shed they are tears of joy, because Slow Club have gone all soulful and sultry while remaining splendidly melancholy. Besides being everyones favourite bit of Sheffield indie duo eye and ear candy ( OK maybe it's just us?) they have also always been one of those bands who from the evidence of their live gigs have threatened (in a good way) to develop and change. Certainly this tasty morsel suggests a metamorphosis is occurring, although we’ll have to wait for further new material before we can make any firm conclusions. For now though just suck this one in.

Slow Club play London’s Village Underground on the 13 May and this song is available for free download from the bands website (here)

Slow Club - Tears Of Joy


Adam Wyatt said...

I know it's not related to this exact post, but there are serious rumours going round that one of your blog-crushes Eva Stone is gonna represent UK at Eurovision...not confirmed yet, we'll know the song & singer Monday (so this could be wrong lol) Whatever happens, the noises coming out of the BBC are genuinely exciting for once. What do you reckon?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

I hadn't heard this rumour. I can understand it because her manager works for the BBC. At the moment though its just a rumour, and I'd be interested to know if there's any more to it than that. I am excited to find out who the artist is - it will be interesting to see and what effect it has on their career (traditionally with a few exceptions most notably Abba of course)Eurovision acts don't have very long careers.