Monday, 17 February 2014

Go Swim - New Waves

Today we’re introducing plucky indie guitar band Go Swim from Belfast, Northern Ireland who according to that land’s champion new music blogger Chris from The Metaphorical Boat formed in 2013 and include members from the remnants of various other musical projects such as Nakatomi Towers and Parachutes Over Paris. Having released the heartening sounding Halo (not a Beyoncé cover) last summer the band now have three tunes up on their Soundcloud and it’s their most recent track Call Sign that’s really grabbed our attention. There’s a sense of urgency to the song, with its exciting propulsive guitar work, which is further intensified by the male-female vocal interplay. The obvious reference point here is Foals – but more subtly The Cure – that is if you’d put a Cure album on at 45rpm rather than 33 and pressed the joy button rather than the sadness one. Go Swim are a little bomb of indietasticness; go play.

You can download all the bands songs for free from their Soundcloud here.

Go Swim - Call Sign (Video)

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