Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Eloise Keating - New Waves

If you read Breaking More Waves on a regular basis you’ll know that much of the backbone of the blog is formed by music that ticks the boxes of female vocal / electronic / pop with an edge and that a large percentage of what we feature hails from the UK. So today we’re introducing an artist that fits perfectly into the blog’s core, but this time has the added bonus of hailing from just outside our own home city of Portsmouth. Ironically, despite having played at plenty of venues in our home town, we found her via the internet.

Her name is Eloise Keating.

Having posted a number of acoustic cover versions on her Soundcloud, it’s Eloise’s own composition that has found us getting a little lost in her music. Be My Ghost (The Green Light) may only effectively be a demo but there’s a remarkable depth and cinematic maturity in the song writing. Inspired by The Great Gatsby the tune finds Eloise’s alluring tones wrapping themselves around a backing that includes the unusual addition of a steel drum sound, an instrument that usually has connotations of carnivals, summer and tropical jovial pop. Thankfully on Be My Ghost (The Green Light) the jollity (if any) is very restrained. 

It’s very early days for Keating, who is only 17, unsigned and still at college, but she’s already attracted the attention of BBC Introducing (South), local press and south coast promoters. Now we’re pushing her music a little further out there in the hope that she can follow in the footsteps of other south-central coast girls such as Laurel and Roberta from Curxes, both of whom have embraced electronics, found themselves featured on Breaking More Waves in their embryonic stages and scored love on the internet.

Eloise Keating - Be My Ghost (The Green Light)

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