Saturday, 1 February 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Eyedress - Teen Spirits (Video)

This is going to be our penultimate post in our 24 hour Blogathon. We’ll be posting our absolute final one at exactly 10am. The reason we know this is because frankly we’ve run out of great new music to write about! Of course there are probably many fantastic undiscovered acts that we could probably unearth if we had the time, and over the last 24 hours we’ve certainly had the time, but now that time is sliding away.

This is the video for Teen Spirit by Eye Dress.

Here are some things we thought when we watched it. You might think the same.

1. The video is ‘quite hipster’. Of course the word hipster has been recontexualised so many times now that nobody really knows what a hipster is anymore. Nobody thinks they are hipster and certainly nobody is proud to be one, unless you’re an old hipster dad in which case it’s really quite cool.

2. The synths and drums are straight out of the 80’s text book, part floaty and sweet, part sinister and driving. They're also pretty basic, as if someone found their hipster dad's Casio in the loft and got it down to play with.

3. The song has nothing to do with Nirvana.

4. That swimming pool is very green isn’t it? Should we call health and safety?

5. The song is either rubbish or subtly brilliant. We suspect it’s actually the former, but we’re too tired to decide. It's been a reasonably long day. A marathon blogathon, not a sprint and we just about paced ourselves. See you for a final post at 10am then we’re done. 

Eyedress - Teen Spirit (Video)

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