Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sons & Lovers - The Only One (Video)

Here’s a rather touching and poignant video for the song The Only One by Sons & Lovers. The opening scenes reveal a 60’s built urban flat, some lagers, a cigarette and a man who looks like he has the troubles of the world on his shoulders, ready to beat them out on a punchbag. Then we see another part of his life and the absolute joy to be gained from fatherhood, even if it is one where the traditional family has broken down. “You’re the only one that keeps the wolves back in the shadows,” sings frontman Tom, narrating the video. “I’ll never let you face the same storms I’ve been facing,” he continues, providing a sentiment that many parents would understand. Taking the bands epic melodic sound and adding a touch of melancholy at the start The Only One is a tune that works on its own, but for the full impact you need to watch the video as well.

According the band’s Facebook page Sons & Lovers made the video with the director on a budget of nothing and then wrote the song afterwards. 

Sons & Lovers head out today on the Satellite tour alongside other blog favourites Eliza & The Bear and also Fred Page. It's visiting many towns that don’t usually get their fair share of touring bands, so if you live in the likes of Ayr, Witney or High Wycombe, get yourself along to see this tour (details here) which represents great value.

Sons & Lovers - The Only One

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