Thursday, 20 February 2014

Aquilo - You There

It’s been a long wait, but it’s been worth it. This is beautiful.

Back in March 2013 on a lazy Sunday morning we stumbled across a song on Soundcloud that a new band called Aquilo had placed in our drop box. It was one of those perfect discovery moments; a brand new group, with (apparently) at that stage no management, no label and no help from the music industry, just sharing their music and our ears becoming instantly charmed. We posted and then tweeted about the song and within the hour a number of other blogs had been in touch to say what a great find it was. A few days later, due to the collective power of blogs Calling Me was all over the internet and even getting played on BBC 6 Music. It seemed like this was the start of something…..

Then nothing; absolutely diddly-squat. 

Until today. Eleven months on.

This time some things are different. There’s some people working with the band to help them get their music heard. They have a new Facebook page and Instagram accounts. The band themselves have reverted to a two piece of just Tom and Ben.

But what isn’t any different is the beauty. You There, Aquilo's second song is worth waiting years for.

This is an exquisite and spacious ballad that taps into a deep vein of melancholy and thoughtfulness. Is it better than Calling Me? We couldn’t possibly say, that would be like saying that one of your two children was better than the other. They’re both equally perfect in their own ways. But what we do know is that this beautifully arranged piece formed out of slow sparse piano chords, cotton wool vocal tenderness and the softest of back coatings is utterly absorbing. It’s a song to pause and reflect for just a moment in your day. 

Aquilo - You There

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