Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mononoke - Bones & Glory

When we posted Mononoke’s debut song Alice last year we noticed a real reaction to it, all of which was positive. The tweets rolled in: Where had we discovered the song from? What a mesmerising tune. Who was the mysterious* Mononoke? Even the former deputy mayor of New York got in on the act stating that “I was looking for Mononoke's Alice all year,” after finding the song on these very pages.

With Alice hitting the spot so perfectly, come the end of the year we listed Mononoke as one of our 10 Ones To Watch for 2014 – a risk, having only heard just the one song. 

Now there are two. Bones & Glory doesn’t possess the same instant butterflies in the stomach power of Alice, but spend some time with it and it unfurls into an evocative free spirited beauty. “They can never tame us, can’t contain us now, we’re weightless, bones and glory blown to sundown,” Mononoke sings tenderly against a musical backdrop of twilight-hour soft focus electronics. It’s the musical equivalent of that post-coital moment; come and enjoy it.

*And for those who want to know who Mononoke is? Well, we’re not going reveal the mystery quite yet, although when her cover gets blown (as it inevitably will, as we managed to find out who she is with just a couple of Google and Twitter searches) expect a sigh of anti-climax as you realise she’s nobody you’ve heard of before. We thought we’d just put you in the picture with that one.

Mononoke - Bones & Glory

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