Friday, 21 February 2014

The Night VI - Thinkin Bout You (A blog post that's actually about it being OK to miss out on things)

Having already released a number of covers last year The Night VI return with another one and it's free to download. This time they have a crack at Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You. Now of course the obvious thing to do here is give a comparison with the original, but guess what?  We’ve only ever listened to Frank Ocean once in our entire life and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Maybe we’ll try again one day, maybe we won’t. 

Some people think that as a ‘serious music fan’ that it’s rather odd that we haven’t spent more time with Frank’s music, but we’re old enough and wise enough to realise that there’s nothing wrong with missing out on something. The expectation of being pretty knowledgeable about music (we've won a fair few pop quizzes) is that you’ll have listened to and know everything that is considered 'classic' or 'relevant', but that just isn’t possible. In this modern era of Spotify, Twitter and instant access to pretty much all music, trying to keep up with the Jones’s seems to bring out panic in even the coolest and most grounded of people. Haven’t you heard the new St Vincent yet? The new Boots? The new buzz band that is so new they haven’t even formed yet? No we haven’t. And that’s fine, we can live with that. Sure sometimes we’ll latch onto something early (rather like when we wrote about the lead singer of The Night VI back in 2010 before her band became more than a solo project) but it’s never bothered us if we don’t; we’ve probably been listening to something equally brilliant: Protection by Massive Attack or The Cure’s Disintegration from the past maybe or the rather excellent Kate Miller from the now and possible future.

So here’s The Night VI covering Frank Ocean, apparently an iconic R & B tune. Well, we don’t know about that, but this version is quite nice. Yes, that’s as much journalism as you’re getting from us right now. ‘Quite nice’. Maybe they can use that quote on their next press release.

The Night VI - Thinkin Bout You

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