Saturday 8 February 2014

Lovestarrs - New Waves

Big pop hook alert.

Getting dropped by your record label can be a kick in the teeth for any artist, but probably even more frustrating is not being allowed to release your music after the event. Such was the fate of The Good Natured, who it seems didn’t have the greatest music industry version of a pre-nuptial and couldn’t claw back the masters of their debut album Prism for an independent release. However as the saying goes, once shit happens you have to turn it into compost and since last July The Good Natured have grown into Lovestarrs.

The first flower from their new garden of music is Get Your Sexy On, a title that we’re sure the likes of Justin Timberlake would be immensely proud of. Before we’d even heard a note we’d already conceived visions of the band writhing around provocatively in their underwear to a steamy backing of ridiculously hot dirty electronic  r ‘n’ b, quite possibly in front of handcuffed and gagged record industry executives.

We were wrong. It’s better than that; Get Your Sexy On is a pop song of multiple orgasms. Like a teenage boy in the sack it might only last two minutes and fifty three seconds, but in that time the chorus explodes again and again until by the end you’re left feeling spent, blown out and wanting to hear it all again. Phew, we're going for a cold shower after this.

Lovestarrs - Get Your Sexy On

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