Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Little Daylight - Siren Call

There’s a bit of a Chvrches thing going on at Breaking More Waves right now. (Correction: There's always a thing going on for Chvrches at Breaking More Waves). Earlier today we introduced our latest new crush Halsey and compared her single Ghost to our favourite Scottish synth popsters. Now we’re bringing back to the blog a band who we originally introduced as being ‘like a neon multi-coloured alcopop-giddy version of Chvrches.’ We promise for our next post we’ll move onto something different, but for now we’re sticking here.

However, Siren Call, the new song from Little Daylight doesn’t sound anything like Chvrches. OK, if you’re comparing the tune with Metallica or Queens Of The Stone Age then it probably does bear more similarity to Chvrches, but in the world of female fronted electronic pop music Siren Call isn’t that near. It's not even a distant cousin.

Taken from the Brooklyn trio’s forthcoming album Hello Memory, Siren Call is all about the hesitation of committing to a relationship.  “You’re afraid you’re going to fuck this up, feeling like you don’t deserve this love.” Throbbing with choppy synth riffs and a mountainous “oh-oh” hook it’s pop with just a bit of an edge. Just how we like it.

Little Daylight - Siren Call

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