Saturday, 1 February 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Law - Haters

We’re now 21 hours into our 24 hour blogathon and reaching the home straight. The end is in sight and we’ve raised far more money than we ever dreamed of. It’s actually been quite incredible. As things stand the readers and friends of Breaking More Waves and Alphabet Bands blogs have raised £1300 pounds for Cancer Research. 

But we’re not done yet. Here’s a new track from Law who we first featured last June with the clattering Hustle. Now she’s back with a new song Haters, which doesn’t seem a particularly apt sentiment right now as we’re feeling a lot of love for readers of this blog. However, despite the title, Haters is a nifty piece of alt-soul-pop and contains the lines “don’t wanna press you boo, I like ya,” so actually, everything is OK. Imagine Laura Mvula throwing caution to the wind and getting experimental. That’s what Haters sounds like and it gets better and better as it goes on. Maybe it’s because we’re sleep deprived, maybe it’s because the end is in sight and we’re pretty happy about that, but whatever, right now this sounds f*ckin’ fantastic.

Law’s Haters and Gangsters EP is out on Monday 3rd Feb and she’ll also be touring with Young Fathers this month.

Oh and if you’re reading this, and still haven’t donated, we’d love you to do so now by clicking on the button below. It's right here. £2 is all we ask you for to help fight Cancer.

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Law - Haters

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