Saturday, 1 February 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : NONONO - Hungry Eyes

Yesterday the Swedish pop trio consisting of Stina Wapping, Astma and Rocwell better known as NONONO revealed new single Hungry Eyes, the follow up to Pumpin' Blood, taken from their forthcoming debut album We Are Only What We Feel. There’s one very simple ingredient to a good pop song; a good hook. It doesn’t matter how clever the production is, how great the vocal is, how deep the meaning of the lyrics are, if it hasn’t got a hook it isn’t going to work. Thankfully Hungry Eyes has the hook. Then it adds glad to be alive music and bang, you’ve got a pop song that people will actually enjoy listening to. It also seems that with alongside a great pop hook it really helps if you come from Sweden. Maybe they actually have shops selling actual physical pop hooks that you can take home, attach to your instrument and create a hit single there?

NONONO are just putting the finishing touches to the album which we relaibly informed is “dark and beat-orientated,” for the most part, although the mood will likely improve as the seasons change in Sweden. The band have also said that “We would really like if someone gets a feeling that they can take from it. We want to make an impact and for people to be touched, most importantly, it is going to come from the heart”.

NONONO - Hungry Eyes

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