Monday, 2 September 2013

Zola Jesus - Fall Back (Video)

It’s been a long time since Zola Jesus has featured on Breaking More Waves. After the gloomy and emotionally vulnerable Stridulum II, which was one of our Top Ten LP’s of 2010 we had high hopes for follow-up Conatus, but it just didn’t quite pack the same punch.

However, Fall Back is a different beast. Taken from the new album Versions which consists of old cuts re-worked for strings, Fall Back is the one brand new song on the record. The audio stream has been on line for a few weeks but now there’s an accompanying video that mirrors the music perfectly. From the statuesque grace of the beginning of the song, to the cascading, frothing and bubbling water that matches the tune's slow crescendo as Zola sings repeatedly "I would do anything to be with you forever," Fall Back is impressively momentous. Welcome back to Breaking More Waves Zola.

Zola Jesus - Fall Back (Video)

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Ad zorb zod said...


What's happened to that once majestic, awesome voice, that penetrates to the depths of your soul on The Spoils?