Monday, 16 September 2013

Lulu James - Sweetest Thing

For new musicians there’s often a disconnect between being a big buzz on the internet and getting tangible sales of your music and selling tickets for shows. Hype Machine love hearts and Facebook likes are for the casual fan - too easy and too transient to last for more than the split second it takes to press a button, compared with the much more real and longer lasting commitment of a fan getting their arse off the sofa and investing in an artist financially. It’s quite possible (we know, we’ve done it) to turn up to see a band that’s ‘big on the blogs’ and find fifteen people in the audience.

Which brings us to Lulu James; she’s certainly had her fair share of blog love. She has over 8,000 likes on Facebook. Yet she’s certainly not a household name, collecting gold discs or selling out huge venues.

Sweetest Thing could and should be the song to change that a little, propelling her further to the possibility of actually selling some product. You may recognise the tune - it was given an airing on BBC 2’s Later…. With Jools Holland in May - and will be released as a single at the start of November. “Say it again you're my best friend, we’ll be together until the end of time,” sings Lulu soulfully over this lyrically and musically sweet song that burbles along with a relaxed happiness, gently pushing any forthcoming autumnal blues away.

Lulu will be out on the road again soon supporting Ellie Goulding on her forthcoming UK tour alongside Chasing Grace (remember them from our Ones To Watch list last year ?). So get there early and if you like any of the acts, why not actually buy their records afterwards?

Lulu James - Sweetest Thing

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